2024 Vol. 9, №2


Literary theory


Jianhou Ling.
Categories of Poetics: A Study of the Russian School

10 - 23

World literature


Elizaveta E. Baldanmaksarova.
Mythopoetic Basis and Symbolic World of Images in the Novel Shiliin Bogd by the Mongolian Writer G. Mend-Ooyo

24 - 43

Elena V. Haltrin-Khalturina.
Dickens’ The Cricket on the Hearth: On Its Stylizations, Takeoffs, Adaptations

44 - 67

Veronika D. Altashina.
From “Text-Book” to “Text-Life”: Racine in “Fils” (“Son / Threads”) by Serge Doubrovsky and “Titus Did not Love Berenice” by Nathalie Azoulai

68 - 87
Mikhail Yu. Liustrov.
Bulgarin’s “The Death of Lopatinsky” in Adaptations by Finnish Authors of the 19th Century
88 - 99
Vladislav V. Kirichenko.
Georges Perec and Nouveau Roman. On the Zones of Intersections and Divergencies with Alain Robbe-Grillet’s Works
100 - 119
Alla V. Radionova.
Gathering Existence as One of the Central Motifs in the Works of B. Pasternak and R.M. Rilke
120 - 137

Russian Literature


Liia L. Ermakova.
“Seven Against Thebes” in Mythopoetics of Vyach. Ivanov

138 - 153

Galina N. Vorontsova.
A.N. Tolstoy’s Works in 1914–1917: From the Publicistic Statement to the Artistic Image

154 - 171

Konstantin Yu. Lappo-Danilevskii.
The Polemics of V.K. Trediakovsky and A.P. Sumarokov About the Sonnet

172 - 199

Evgeniya E. Anisimova.
A History for the Common People in Leo Tolstoy’s “Ermak”: The Stroganov Plot

200 - 217

Close Up: F.M. Dostoevsky

Tatiana A. Kasatkina.
Space Beyond Time: The Tenth Chapter of The Apocalypse in the Crucial Metaphysical Scene of The Idiot
218 - 237
Nikolay N. Podosokorsky.
I.A. Krylov’s “Fables” in F.M. Dostoevsky’s Novel The Idiot
238 - 255
Tatiana G. Magaril-Il’iaeva.
Flaubert in Dostoevsky’s Work: The Role and Image of Madame Bovary in the Novel The Idiot
256 - 277

Folklore Studies


Semen S. Makarov, Tanzila M. Khadzhieva.
The System of Mythological Characters in the Turkic Epic: The Karachay-Balkarian Nartiada and Yakut Olonkho

278 - 299

Textology. Materials


Natalia V. Pak.
The Life of Efrem Perekomsky: Issues on the Archetype of the Monument and Its Literary Sources

300 - 323
Anna S. Akimova.
A.N. Tolstoy’s Library as a Creative Laboratory of the Writer: Sources of the Novel Peter the Great
324 - 341
Anna V. Jampol’skaja.
Pier Paolo Pasolini in “Inostrannaia literatura” Journal
342 - 361


Alexander G. Kovalenko, Nadezhda M. Suzdalova.
Antinomianism and Organic of Life. Review on the Monograph “Poetry of V. Shalamov: Ideological and Figurative Constants and Artistic Genealogy (Modernist Aspect)”
by D.V. Krotova
362 - 371

In Memoriam

In Memory of Andrey F. Kofman 372 - 375