2024 Vol. 9, №1


Literary theory


Natalia R. Lidova.
Genre Typology of Drama in European and Sanskrit Literature

10 - 29

World literature


Vadim B. Semenov.
Chaucer’s Early Poem “Book of the Duchess”: Features of Topics

30 - 51

Natalia E. Mikeladze.
Mysteries of the 1477 Presentation Miniature and
Shakespeare’s Richard III

52 - 71

Irina K. Staf.
The Narcissus Myth in Early Renaissance French Literature: Fragment, Allegory, Emblem

72 - 95
Anastasia V. Golubtsova.
Georgij Breitburd and Soviet Reception of Italian Neo-Avant-Garde
96 - 119
Tatevik A. Beshenkova.
The Antinomy Between Fictionality and Authenticity in The World According to Garp by John Irving
120 - 135

Russian Literature


Alexey A. Pautkin.
On the Problem of the Volyn Chronicle Stratification (Prince Roman’s Descendants in the Assessment of the 13th Century Scribes)

136 - 147

Konstantin Yu. Burmistrov.
“The First Poet of Siberia”: Materials for the Biography of Georgy Maslov

148 - 167

Luiza A. Gasparyan, Zaruhi G. Hayryan.
Sayat-Nova’s Oeuvre in the Light of Interpretation and Translation by V. Bryusov

168 - 185

Ekaterina V. Kuznetsova.
Vampire Motif in O. Mirtov’s Novel Dead Swell: Gender Aspect

186 - 205

Folklore Studies


Andrey F. Kofman.
The Fate of Spanish Folk Genres in the New World

206 - 245

Textology. Materials


Elena A. Osminina.
The Third Muse of Ivan Shmelev

246 - 265
Olga L. Fetisenko.
Dual Faith of Evgeny Ivanov: To the Study of the Role of Vera F. Komissarzhevskaya in the History of Symbolist Life Creating
266 - 283
Elena A. Andrushchenko.
“You Are New,  I Am Old”: Handwritten Drafts of A.S. Suvorin’s Letters to D.S. Merezhkovsky (1901–1911) (foreword, text prep. and comm. by E.A. Andrushchenko)
284 - 303
Maria V. Osipenko.
A.P. Platonov and V.P. Stavsky (New Materials to the Writer’s Biography)
304 - 341
Elena R. Obatnina.
“The Other” Nabokov vs Nabokov-Sirin: Concerning One Occasional Mention in the Alexey Remisov’s Novel Music Teacher
342 - 364


Mikhail L. Andreev.
Ariosto and Tasso in the New Russian Translations
366 - 379
Olga A. Grimova.
Horizons of Historical Narratology
380 - 389