2023 Vol. 8, №1


Literary theory


Valeri I. Tiupa.
Two Wings of Art Writing

10 - 45

Viktor I. Shcherbakov.
Nikolay Soloviev as a Criticm of Chernyshevsky’s Aesthetic Theory

46 - 63

Tatiana A. Sharypina, Polina D. Kazakova.
Creative Search by Richard Strauss and Hugo von Hofmannsthal in the Opera “Ariadne on Naxos”: to the Problem of Music and Words Interaction

64 - 81

World literature


Tatiana L. Aleksandrova.
The Image of Light in the “Ekphrasis of the Hagia Sophia” by Paul the Silentiary

82 - 99

Marina L. Reysner.
In the Search of Secret Meaning: the Role of “Inner Commentary” in Nasir-i Khusraw’s Poetic Works (11th Century)

100 - 125

Nina D. Lyakhovskaya.
Specific Features of Forming French-Language Literatures of Sub-Saharan Africa as the Regional Typological Commonness

126 - 143

Elena V. Trepetova.
L’Orpheline de Montmartre: A Newly Discovered Novel by Very Popular in Russia Writer

144 - 161
Anastasia V. Golubtsova.
The Soviet Myth of Sibilla Aleramo
162 - 177

Viktoriia N. Karpukhina.
National Identity and a Literary Canon in British Tradition of the 20th Century

178 - 197

Kadisha R. Nurgali, Aigerim A. Gilea.
Intertextuality and Archetype Transformation as the Polysemy Basis of the Modern Reimagined Fairy Tale

198 - 217

Russian Literature


Ivan O. Volkov, Emma M. Zhilyakova.
I.S. Turgenev as a Walter Scott’s Reader (On Turgenev’s Personal Library). Part 2

218 - 237

Ekaterina V. Kuznetsova.
Arnold Böcklin’s Pictorial Motifs in the Poetry of Russian Modernism

238 - 275

Tatjana A. Koshemchuk, Marina S. Sanarina.
The Lyrical Cycle of A.A. Blok “Italian Poems”: Poetic Reception of Italy and the Culmination of the Period of “Antithesis”

276 - 301

Svetlana A. Seregina.
S.A. Yesenin’s Diptich about the Sound “Under the Red Elm, the Porch and the Yard...” and “Your Voice is Invisible, Like Smoke in a Hut...”: Context, Poetics, Dating

302 - 323

Literature of the Peoples of Russia and Neighboring Countries


Evgeniia V. Zimina, Mariana S. Sargsyan.
Culture Codes in Children’s Literature: Voices from Scotland and Armenia

324 - 347

Folklore Studies


Tatiana M. Balmatova.
Russian Chastushka (Ditties) vs Spanish Flamenco Verses: the Experience of Typological Comparison

348 - 363

Textology. Materials


Tamara V. Kudryavtseva.
„Ein Wort für junge Dichter“ by I.W. Goethe: On the History of One Interpretation

364 - 381

From the History of Literary Studies


Pavel S. Glushakov, Andrey P. Dmitriev.
“To Dear BorFed”: Newly Found Yu.M. Lotman’s Inscripts from the Library of B.F. Egorov

382 - 397