2020 Vol. 5, №1


Literary theory

Natalia A. Drovaleva Visualization of the Character's Appearance in Fiction 10 - 21
Giorgia Rimondi On the Role of Musical Ekphrasis in A.F. Losev’s Novel Tchaikovsky Trio 22 - 41

World Literature

Elena N. Moshonkina Dante Alighieri’s Vita Nova: between Biography and Autobiography 42 - 65
Ludmilla V. Evdokimova Dictier potical: Sources, Sense, and the Meaning of its Allegories 66 - 93
Natalia E. Mikeladze Parables of Heaven, Acts and Epistles of the Apostles in Measure for Measure 94 - 117
Anna V. Popova Opposition of the Natural and the Artificial in the Fictional World of Georges Sand: Doll, Puppet, Automaton 118 - 135
Margarita E. Balakireva Community of Creators or Community of Readers: The Middle Way of French Surrealism 136 - 147

Russian Literature

Andrey V. Karavashkin Ivan the Terrible and Andrey Kurbsky: a Сonflict of Interpretations 148 - 161
Alexander V. Gulin The “Rebellion” in Bogucharovo in Leo Tolstoy’s War And Peace: Sources, Philosophy, Poetics 162 - 177
Maria S. Akimova

“Decrepit Century-Old Parks”: The Image of the Park in the Russian Poetry
of the 19th Century and the Beginning of the 20th Century

178 - 193
Maxim V. Skorokhodov The “Low House” and the “House with a Mezzanine” — Two Models of the
“Russian World” in Sergei Esenin’s Work
194 - 211

Literature of the Peoples of Russia and Neighboring Countries

Natalya V. Yakovenko Allusions to the Gospel Stories in Christ Landed in Harodnia by V. Korotkevich and Master and Margarita by M. Bulgakov 212 - 227
Evgeniya A. Litvin, Semen S. Makarov Socialist Realism of the Newly Written Literatures (The Case of Sofron Danilov's Novel While the Heart Is Beating) 228 - 247

Folklore Sudies

Dmitry I. Antonov The Folklore of Icon-Painters and Art Historians: Legends about the Elder in the Iconography of the Nativity of Christ 248 - 271
Sergey V. Alpatov

The Mouse and The Icon: on the Ethnographic Roots of Dostoevsky’s Poetics

272 - 287

Textology. Materials

Sergey S. Minchik Griboedovistic Material in the Unknown Letters of A.P. Zavadovsky to P.A. Viazemsky 288 - 307
Evgenia V. Vorobyeva The Adventures of Pushkin in Scandinavia: A Survey of Pushkin's Translations into Swedish, Norwegian, and Danish 308 - 325
Tatiana V. Govenko On the International Relations of A.N. Veselovsky and Perception of His Work Abroad in the 19th Century 326 - 353


Lydia I. Sazonova.

The Chronicle of the Heavenly Signs: 17th Century Illustrated Handwritten Codex from the Collection of the Library of the Russian Academy of Sciences: in 2 vols. 

Vol. 1. Facsimile Reproductionof the Collection. Vol. 2. Texts, Research, Comments.Ed. by G.V. Markelov and A.V. Sirenov. St. Petersburg, Publishing House of the Pushkinsky Dom, 2018. 588 p. + 528 p.: il.

354 - 369
Kirill A. Chekalov. The Je Sais Tout Magazine and the Features of Belle Epoque Mass Reading (A New Book by Daniel Couégnas) 370 - 379