2018 Vol. 3, №4


 Literary Theory

Daria S. Farafonovа Walter Benjamin: from the Theory of Translation to the Theory of Culture  10-25
Marina V. Pantina The Problem of Reception of Joseph de Maistre in the Russian Culture at the Turn of the 19 th and 20 th Century (Vladimir Solovyov, Nikolay Berdyaev) 26-39

World Literature

Liliya R. Frangulyan Elements of (Auto) Biography in the Context of Coptic Hagiography, 7 th –8 th Centuries 40-57
Olga E. Nesterova The Typology of Adam and Eve in the New Testament and Early Christian Literatureand Eve 58-75
Liubov V. Goriaeva Stamford Raffles as an Example of a “Just Ruler” (According to the Memoir of Abdullah Munshi) 76-89
Nina D. Lyakhovskaya “Beauty of the Past”: Traditional Aesthetic Canon and Female Characters in Francophone African Literatures 90-105
 Andrey V. Golubkov Anekdota of Procopius of Caesarea between History and Literature: Basileus vs Demon; Basilissa vs Hetaera 106-115
Valentina S. Sergeeva The Feminine and the Masculine in Roman de Silence 116-139

Russian Literature

Lyubov A. Kurysheva On Pushkin’s Synopsis of the Russian Version of Snow White
140- 151
Victoria I. Buyanovskaya Poor Folk by Fyodor Dostoevsky as a Dialogue between the Old and the New Word
 Anton V. Filatov The Myth of Adam in Nikolay Gumilev’s Poetry
Olga A. Bogdanova Specific Discursive Features of the Magazine Narodopravstvo (1917–1918)
Svetlana A. Seregina S.A. Yesenin in the English-Speaking World: New and Little-Known Facts
Andrey L. Тоporkov The Verse about the Holy Mountain by Vyacheslav Ivanov: a Close Reading. Second Essay

Literature of the Peoples of Russia and Neighboring Countries

Yuri Y. Barabash Developing the National Modernist Pattern: Three Plays by Igor Kostetsky 240-259

Folklore Studies

Semen S. Makarov Contemporary Pragmatics of the Epic Tale: Yakut Epos Olonkho
Alexey L. Nalepin Japanese Folklore in the Work of Alexander A. Vanovsky and Russian-Japanese Cultural Transferof Alexander A. Vanovsky and Russian-Japanese Cultural Transfer 276-297

Textology. Materials

Anton V. Bakuntsev, Sergey N. Morozov Ivan Bunin and Evgeny Spektorsky: Сorrespondence (1928–1933)Bunin and Evgeny Spektorsky: Сorrespondence (1928–1933) 298-315
Anna V. Khroustaleva Trade Unions and Control over Literary Life in the Soviet Regions during the New Economic Policy Period