2017 Vol. 2, №1


Literary Theory

Alexey A. Kholikov. Autobiography vs Photography and Memoir vs Caricature as Forms of Preserving the Author’s Memory (Dmitry S. Merezhkovsky) 10-21
Natalya N. Smirnova. Document in Paul Auster’s New York Trilogy 22-43

 World Literature

 Doudet E. Medieval Theater as Medium: a Survey in Media Archaeology 44-61 
 Pujol S. Auctoritas: Auteur et Autorité Chez Diderot 62-75
Natalya T. Pakhsarian. The Specificity of the Fictional Space in the Novels of Crébillon-fils 76-89
Elena Yu. Saprykina. “Unhappy young man.” A Hero-Sufferer in Italian Romantic Prose  90-109
Elena V. Somova. Epicureanism and Christianity in Historical Novels Valerius. A Roman Story by J.G. Lockhart and The Epicurean by T. Moore 110-131
Nina D. Lyakhovskaya. New Consciousness and New Genre: A Frankophone African Novel of Transitional Time 132-149

Russian Literature

Vladimir M. Kirillin. “The Tale of the Miraculous Icon of Our Lady of Kazan” in the light of Old Russian Literary Tradition 150-183
Liudmila G. Shakirova. Romanticism of Lermontov and Jena School. Part 1 184-211
Ljunggren M.  Andrey Belyj and Isaiah 212-219
Ekaterina V. Kuznetsova. The Poetics of Igor Severyanin and Literary Parody at the Beginning of the 20 th century 220-243
Chandler R.  Bread for the Soul: Andrey Platonov 244-267

Literature of the Peoples of Russia and Neighboring Countries

Evgeny A. Gorodnitsky. The Role of Authorial Self-Reflection in the Development of the New Belarusian Literature (Early 20 th Century) 268-283

 Folklore Studies

Tatiana A. Agapkina. Tree Symbolism in Slavic Folk Culture: Apple Tree 284-305

Textology. Materials

Marina A. Arias-Vikhil. “Russian Revolution was prepared on Capri...” Michail Pervukhin about a Russian Colony on Capri (Based on the A.M. Gorky Archive) 306-328

 In Memoria


Scholar and Teacher Vladimir Denisovitch Sedelnik (1935–2016)