Олег Анатольчевич Коростелев

11.01.1959 - 20.03.2020

PhD, Head of the Literary Heritage Department, Deputy Director at IWL RAS


Novosibirsk State Pedagogical University (1977–1982), Higher Literary Courses at the A.M. Gorky Creative Writing University (1987–1989), graduate studies at at the A.M. Gorky Creative Writing University (1989–1993). Practice at the University of Southern California (Los Angeles, 1991)

PhD thesis:

Poetry of Georgii Adamovitch (1995)

Research interests: Russian Émigré literature, literary history, archive studies.

Professional service

Editor of the historical-archival annual Diaspora: New Materials (St Petersburg: Fenix Publ., 2001–2007. Issues I–IX.)

Member of the Editorial Boards of the following journals: Literaturovedchesky Jurnal (Moscow), Baltiisky Arhiv (Tallin, Riga), AutobiografiЯ: Journal on Life Writing and the Representation of the Self in Russian Culture (Padova), Literaturnoe Nasledstvo (Moscow), Studia Litterarum (Мoscow), Izvestia Uralskogo Federalnogo Gosudarstvennogo Universiteta. Series 2. Humanities (Ekaterinburg, since 2017); annuals I.A. Bunin: New Materials (Мoscow: Russki Put’, 2004, issues 1-3), Classic and Modernity in the Literary Criticism of Russian Émigré Literature, 1920s–1930s (Мoscow: INION Press, 2005–2006. Issues 1–2), Annual of the A.I. Solzhenitsyn House of Russian Abroad (Мoscow, since 2010); editorial series “Russian Abroad” (St. Petersburg: Aleteia Publ., 2002–), “Ex cathedra” (Мoscow: Russky Put’, 2006–), “Library of the ‘Literary Heritage’” (Мoscow: IWL RAS, 2016–), “Pagine di Russia” (Bari: Stilo, 2017–).

Academic publications — over 250 essays and archival publications, including 1 monograph.

Selected publications



From Adamovitch to Tsvetaeva: Literature, Criticism, Press of the Russian Abroad. St. Petersburg: Publishing house of N. I. Novikov; Galina Skripsit Publishing house, 2013. In Russ.

Edited collections and works

  • Pseudonyms of the Russian Abroad: Materials and Research. M. Shruba and O. Korostelev. Moscow: Novoe literaturnoe obozrenie Publ., 2016. (Series “Research Library.” Issue CL). In Russ.
  • Contemporary Notes. (Paris, 1920–1940). From the Archives of the Editorial Office: 4 vols. Oleg Korostelev and Manfred Shruba. Moscow: Novoe literaturnoe obozrenie Publ., 2011–2014. In Russ.

Selected Essays


  • “Georgii Adamovich and ‘Literary Heritage’: A Story of Failed Participation.” Voprosy literatury, 2017, no 1. P. 358–379. In Russ.
  • “‘Vesty iz Passy’: Vera Bunina’s Handwritten Newspaper.” Literaturny Fakt, 2016, no 1–2. P. 348–369. In Russ.
  • “‘Opyty’ (New York, 1953–1958).” Rivista-laboratorio al crocevia delle opinioni delle due ondate dell’emigrazione. Traduzione dal russo di Alessandro Cifariello. In: 2014–2015. Vol. X. Emigrazioni russi. A cura di Marco Caratozzolo e Simone Guagnelli. 2015, 30 novembre, pp. 143–151. 2015, November 30. P. 143–151. In English.
  • “Emigrant Archives: Problems of Preservation, Study and Publications under Modern Conditions.” Emigrazione russa in Italy: periodici, editoria e archive (1900–1940). A cura di Stefano Garzonio e Bianca Sulpasso. Salerno, 2015. P. 185–188. (Europa Orientalis. No 23). In English.
  • “We have proved to have common language and the same perception ...”: The Post-War Correspondence of F.A. Stepun and M.V. Vishniak (1956–1964).” Stanford Slavic Studies. Vol. 46: New Studies in Modern Russian Literature and Culture: Essays in Honor of Stanley J. Rabinowitz. Eds. Catherine Ciepiela and Lazar Fleishman. Stanford, 2014, part II. P. 214–273. Co-authored with Manfred Shruba. In English.
  • “Would you help with advice?»: Letters by G.V. Adamovich, N.A. Otsup, A.M. Remizov from the archive B.F. Schlozer. Preface, text preparation and comments by M.V. Efimov and O.A. Korostelev. Russkaya literatura, 2014, no 3. P. 200–212. In Russ.
  • “Judge strictly, but justly”: D. Mirsky’s Articles and Reviews in The Slavonic Review (1922–1929). Preface, text preparation and comments by O.A. Korostelev and M.V. Yefimov; trans. from English M.V. Yefimov. Russkaya literatura, 2013, no 2. P. 199–232. In Russ.


Teaching experience

Teaches at the Department of Twentieth-Century Russian Literary History at the A.M. Gorky Creative Writing University (1992–1999).

Associate Professor of World Literature and Culture at the MGIMO University (since 2016).