DSc in Philology

Director of Research, Institute of History, Russian Academy of Sciences, St. Petersburg

Education: graduated from Leningrad State University, Philology Department (1948) and got his PhD at the University of Tartu (1952)

PhD thesis:

N.A. Dobrolyubov and the Problem of Folklore Studies (1952)

DSc (Habil.) thesis:

Russian Literary Criticism, 1848–1861 (1967)

Research interests: Russian literary criticism of the Twentieth century, Russian poetry, Nineteenth-Century Russian culture, structuralism.

Professional Service

World Association of Writers PEN International

Russian PEN Centre

Writer’s Union of St. Petersburg

International Dostoevsky Society




Honorary professor of Saratov University (2001)

Likhachev-prize laureate (2007)

Science fiction writer Alexander Beliaev laureate award (2008).


Academic publications — over 400 essays, including 14 books.

Selected publications


Monographs (selected)

  • Life in Art of Boris Chichibanin. St. Petersburg: Rostok Publ., 2016. In Russ.
  • Memoir-2. Petersburg: Rostok Publ., 2013. In Russ.
  • Deception in Russian Culture. Petersburg: Rostok Publ., 2012. In Russ.
  • Selected Works. Aesthetic Ideas in the Nineteenth-Century Russia. Petersburg: Letny Sad Publ., 2009. In Russ.
  • Russian Utopias. Historical Guide. Petersburg: Uskusstvo Publ., 2007. In Russ.
  • The Botkins. Petersburg: Nauka Publ., 2004. In Russ.
  • From Homyakov to Lotman. Moscow: YSK Publ., 2003. In Russ.
  • Jegorow, Boris. Oblicza Rosji. Szkice z historii kultury rosyjskiej XIX wieku. Gdańsk, Słowo/obraz terytoria, 2002. In Polish.
  • Russian Poetry. Memoir. Tomsk: Vodolei Publ., 2001. In Russ.
  • M. Lotman’s Life and Work. Moscow: New Literary Ons Publ., 1999. 384 с. In Russ.


Selected Essays

  • “Ten Letters of 1967: from the Correspondence of Yu. M. Lotman and Z.G. Mintz (eds. B.F. Egorova and T.D. Kuzovkina.” Russkaya literatura. 2016, no 4. P. 209–226. In Russ.
  • “On P.A. Druzhinin’s Book Ideology and Philology. 1940s. Russkaya literatura. 2013, no 4. P. 245–249. In Russ.
  • “Binaries and Triads in Dostoevsky and Lotman.” Russkaya literatura. 2011, no 1. P. 133–137. In Russ.
  • “Dostoevsky Encyclopedia.” Russkaya literatura. 2009, no 2. P. 232–235. In Russ.
  • “Yu.N. Govoruha-Otrok and V.M. Garshin.” Russkaya literatura. 2007, no 1. P. 165–172. In Russ.


Teaching experience

University of Tartu (1952–1962, Associate Professor; Head of the Dep. of Russian Literature 1954–1960), Leningrad State University (1962–1968, Associate Professor), A.I. Hertzen Leningrad State Pedagogical University (1968–1978, Head of the Dep. of Russian Literature)